About Our Practice

Stillwater Family Care's physicians and staff will exceed patient’s expectations by providing quality healthcare in a respectful and timely manner.


Our Practice Includes Specialist In:

Family Medicine

Family Medicine also known as, Family Practice, is a medical specialty that provides comprehensive care for the individual and their family. Practitioners in family medicine see everyone from before birth thru their whole life. Family Medicine has been a specialty since 1969.  After medical school, specialists in Family Medicine complete a formal three year residency program that trains them in the latest advances in diagnosis and treatment, across the breadth of medicine.  Family practice physicians have the expertise to handle the vast majority of health care needs.


Pediatric Medicine is a specialty just for children.  Pediatricians and Family Medicine physicians care for children from birth to 18yrs of age.  Each physician at Stillwater Family Care has the knowledge to meet the broadest range of healthcare needs among children, newborns thru teenage years.  These physicians treat everything from developmental issues to preventive medicine, common childhood illness to the most serious of diseases. Stillwater Family Care is excited to oversee the health of your child and ensure they become healthy young adults.


Obstetrics is caring for mothers-to –be during their pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum period.  Family Medicine physicians who provide obstetric care have special extended training in this area.  Obstetric physicians see expectant moms monthly to monitor the pregnancy and health of the mother and unborn baby.  The expectant mother is seen more frequently as the delivery date nears.  They are always willing and ready day or night to help welcome a new baby into the world.  This is a unique opportunity for your Stillwater Family Care physician to begin caring for the newest member of your family while he/she is still in the womb.